PILOT's software uses employee-centric coaching to improve job satisfaction of top talent.

PILOT lowers the pressure on managers and HR to "woo" employees with top-down approaches. The PILOT experience is personalized to help employees understand what motivates them, their unique skills, and know how to advocate for themselves. 


Employee Powered

We put each employee in the driver's seat by empowering them to shape and direct what's needed to retain them. 

Customized & Personal

The mix of reasons why each person stays at a company can be very unique. We lean into this by encouraging each employee to craft an action plan that's uniquely suited to their needs.

Shared Ownership

Rather than the burden of employee retention being solely on the shoulders of management and HR, we help to create a balance by giving employees a role in their own engagement and retention.


Beyond Money & Title

Managers face a great deal of pressure to increase compensation and titles to retain their teams. Our approach is holistic, enabling employees to understand and tackle many different issues impinging on their job satisfaction.

Focused on Action

We point employees to the actions they can take that are easy, quick, and that generate immediate satisfaction. Our commitment is to have employees step up to take tangible action right away.


Improved Engagement

While our focus is employee retention, when employees renovate their jobs they also increase their engagement. More engagement means more discretionary effort to produce results for you.