About Professional Branding

Professional branding has never been more important yet few professionals create a reputation for themselves beyond their job title and employer brand. The modern professional must take ownership of their own brand by clearly defining and establishing it in a way that enhances and expands their career possibilities. Brand Crafter engages participants in thinking strategically and holistically about their professional reputation, beyond just their job, and equally important, gets them into action in building their brands. 

Brand Crafter introduces the idea of a portfolio approach to one’s own professional brand management, which diversifies the participant across their job, industry/function, community, and the ways in which they enrich themselves. Participants will see the intersectionality of personal and professional brands as an opportunity rather than a liability. By leveraging the transferable skills they are good AND enjoy doing, they can test and grow those skills in many contexts.

The Brand Crafter Workshop is led by PILOT Founder & CEO Ben Brooks, an established expert in executive coaching and career development. Participants leave with a brand management “map” that defines their transferable (and energizing) skills, and the key activities and outcomes they want to create in each context, as well as an action plan to quickly start building out their desired brand. "Brand Crafter" is a compelling and innovative process, and mindset, that enhances professional development, expands career possibilities, and grows networks that can lead to finding new talent, customers, or providers.